Parliamentary Research Publications


Worldwide guides to the sources of parliamentary research publications in English and in German. The guides cover the output of parliamentary library and research services in the form of briefings, studies and other documents that are publicly available.

Parliamentary Research Publications in English – where to find them

Parliamentary Research Publications in German – where to find them

If you are aware of additional sources or any error or omission in the guide please contact us.

Many of the sources in the guides are covered by dedicated topical search engines that will deliver results from up to ten services with a single search.

Topical search engines for parliamentary research publications in English are now available on a dedicated page. They permit a one-stop search of selected sources mentioned in the guide. They are very useful to get a picture of what different services are offering on a single topic, and can offer a quick start to learn about an issue.

The topical search engine for parliamentary research service publications in German was launched in March 2020.

Topical search engines for Portuguese and Spanish language material may follow.

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