Evidence-based Policymaking in parliaments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The delivery of evidence for Members’ work on policy is arguably the core function of parliamentary library & research services. This puts the services at the heart of current work on ‘Evidence-Based Policymaking’ (EBPM). That work also offers insights into what parliamentary library & research services can expect to achieve and how they might achieve it. Only in Africa, so far, does it appear that services have actively adopted EBPM as an organising framework. What have they gained from it and what can the rest of the world learn?

The delivery of evidence for policy is just one aspect of how parliamentary library & research services are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG16 on good governance. What is the significance of this contribution?

The download is a presentation from December 2019, a work in progress towards a future paper. EBPM will be a theme at the IFLAPARL conference in 2020 and the work of the African services will, I hope, be presented directly by representatives from the continent.